OCTOBER 15, 2019 AT 5:30 PM

225 HWY 309 S

The following items will be presented before the Board of Alderman during their regular board meeting.

1. Revisit the Truck Route Ordinance: discuss the concerns of the Board regarding the definition of Commercial Trucks have been addressed.

2. Building Design Codes Revision: Codes for metal siding for buildings has been revised to allow the replacement of metal siding on existing buildings, but new residential buildings still cannot have metal siding.

3. Revision of the Sign Ordinance:  Clarification has been made regarding the following:

a) Billboards: Location; minimum and maximum heights; distance apart from any other billboard; required liability insurance.

b) Banners: Definition of banners and types; where they are allowed; maintenance and care requirements; use of banners as business signs.

c) Abandoned Signs: The process of removing abandoned signs; Penalties and Severability sections were added.

The above items are available for review at the Byhalia Town Hall.